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Excess Wear and Use

Shopping carts, baseball games - wear and tear can come from anywhere. But don’t worry, normal wear and use is expected on every leased vehicle.

Complementary Vehicle Inspection

Between 45 to 60 days before your lease ends, AutoVIN, our authorized inspection service provider, will schedule and conduct a complimentary and comprehensive vehicle inspection. You could even schedule your inspection by calling 1-800-556-2811.

Normal vs. Excess Wear and Use

Use the chart below to compare normal vs. excessive wear and use.


Normal Wear & Use

  • Smaller than or equal to 1.5" in diameter
  • Three or fewer dents per panel

Excess Wear & Use

  • Larger than 1.5" in diameter
  • Four or more dings and dents per panel
  • Dents that have been previously repainted


Normal Wear & Use

  • Minimal stains that can easily be removed

Excess Wear & Use

  • Tears, burns or singes in cloth or leather
  • Heavy stains that cannot be removed

Paint and Body Damage

Normal Wear & Use

  • Surface scratches that will polish out
  • Minor bumper scratches that do not break the paint
  • Three or fewer dings per panel, 1" in diameter or less

Excess Wear & Use

  • Scratches that exceed 3.5" in length 
  • Excessive number of paint chips
  • Gouges, cracks or tears on bumper covers or body cladding
  • Four or more dings per panel

Glass and Headlights/Taillights

Normal Wear & Use

  • Minor glass chips
  • Scratches on the windshield that are outside the wiper field

Excess Wear & Use

  • Chips, stars or scratches on the windshield within the wiper field
  • Any crack in the windshield, lens or lens cover


Normal Wear & Use

  • Cosmetic scrapes that do not affect the performance of the wheel

Excess Wear & Use

  • Previously repaired wheel gouges or deep scrapes
  • Any damage that affects the wheel performance


Normal Wear & Use

  • Tread depth of 4/32" of an inch or greater at the minimum point of thickness

Excess Wear & Use

  • Tread depth less than 4/32"
  • Tires that are the wrong size or speed rating
  • Cut, torn or plugged sidewall


Normal Wear & Use

  • Frame is not or has never been damaged

Normal Wear & Use

  • Damaged or substandard repairs to frame, unibody or body


Normal Wear & Use

  • No modifications other than Volvo approved accessories

Excess Wear & Use

  • Any modifications, such as suspension, vehicle color or paint schemes, lettering or graphics, holes in frames, post delivery customizing, power train or fuel system alterations, non-OEM or dealer installed tinted glass, or substandard repair
Other examples of excess wear and use include, but are not limited to missing, inoperable or cracked headlights, tail lights, turn signals, rearview or outside mirrors, or missing or inoperable seat belts or air bag, engine damage or inoperable vehicle, or missing audio equipment. If you have any questions, please call us toll-free at 1-866-499-6793. 

End-of-Term Payments
We will mail you a final invoice that will include any charges for excess wear and use, excess mileage, past due payments and any other unpaid charges such as disposition fee and property tax. You can expect to receive the invoice within two to three weeks after we are notified that you returned your leased Volvo. Please refer to your lease agreement for complete details.

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