Vehicle Return Timeline


The vehicle return timeline will help make your lease-end experience simple and smooth

Volvo Car Financial Services - 2016 Volvo S80

90 Days


Choose your lease-end option.
  • Lease or Purchase a new Volvo
    Shop lease and purchase specials, or schedule a test drive at your Volvo retailer.
  • Purchase your current Volvo
    To purchase your current Volvo, you can contact your Volvo retailer to discuss your finance options. You may be able to extend your Volvo lease for up to three more months, please contact Customer Care for further information at 1-866-499-6793.

60 Days


To help determine any excess wear, we’ll perform a complimentary vehicle inspection.
  • Appointment
    A representative will contact you to schedule a complimentary vehicle inspection.
  • Location
    You can have your vehicle inspected at your home, office or any other location that is convenient for you.
  • Repairs
    If your inspection report indicates repairs are necessary, you can schedule most repairs with your Volvo retailer. Make sure to keep all receipts to confirm repairs were completed.
Volvo Car Financial Services - 2016 Volvo S80

Volvo Car Financial Services - 2016 Volvo S90

30 Days

Turn-In Appointment

  • Schedule
    Contact your Volvo retailer to schedule your turn-in appointment.
  • Turn-In Appointment
    When you turn in your vehicle, make sure to return all keys, key fobs, owner manual, spare tire or tire sealant kit to your Volvo retailer.


  • Repairs
    If you made any repairs to your Volvo after your inspection, notify your Volvo retailer when you return your Volvo. Please provide copies of the repair receipts and include your VIN number and account number on each copy.
  • Call
    Confirm your final mileage with Volvo Car Financial Services by calling 1-866-499-6793.
  • End-of-Term Payments
    Within one to two weeks after you turn-in your Volvo, you may receive an invoice for any excess wear and use charges. Learn more about Excess Wear and Use.
Volvo Car Financial Services - 2016 Volvo V60